Ramble #86

Ramble #86
DreamStudio Prompt: "‘The Rock’ is actually a Bond movie, while Genesis Khan remakes the modern world to the tune of Flamenco Guitar in the style of a Cormac McCarthy novel. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Welcome to the latest edition of Ramble, a compilation of what I have been pondering, learning and enjoying for the past few weeks.

Now, grab a beverage and let’s begin.


Something Interesting:

I've recently come across the theory that Sean Connery's character in 'The Rock' is actually James Bond; and that the movie is actually a Bond Movie - the last of the Connery Bond Movies.

I love when nerds just do their thing.

I adore the Bond movies, I can't wait for the next one and I'm willing to go to war if the wrong actor is cast as Daniel Craig's replacement.

So have a watch:

I'm willing to commit to this theory as my only religion. It is just so fantastic.

What I am Reading:

I'm in progress on this one. And so far, it's fantastic. It is effectively a scholarly piece on the context, upbringing, life and subsequent legacy of Genghis Khan. The 'Making of the Modern World' in the wake of his death, succession and Mongol expansion is just as interesting as the man himself. I am at the point where he has united the Steppe Peoples - despite their different ethnicities, religions, traditions all as 'People of the felt walls' (they all live in tents).

I mean, the guy (and his family) goes on to rule from China to Baghdad to Vienna. It seems like the book is just going to keep getting better...

What I am Watching:

  • Coco

Watched this one in Mexico. I'm not crying

  • The Road to El Dorado

This movie is still an absolutely banger more than 20 years after it was released. It is full of very non-kid-friendly jokes and includes Elton John absolutely slaying the piano in the soundtrack.

  • The Black Phone

Like stranger things but darker. Ethan Hawke is fantastic.

  • Black Mirror Season 6

Not their best season. But still some good ones. I think it was episode 3 that was the darkest....really dark.

What I am Thinking:

What I Learned: 

  • On Darkness

Cormac McCarthy died recently, so I was thinking about some of his work that I have really enjoyed. 'No Country for Old Men' was a fantastic movie; I often think about 'The Road'; 'Blood Meridian' is probably his best (and seems to be in the mix for a film adaptation that will never be able to please the fans); and his last works, 'The Passenger' and 'Stella Maris' (released together) were just so strange and intimate and phantasmagorical that I sat on a beach ignoring the Great Barrier Reef reading them. His third novel, 'Child of God' was so dark. Darker than his usual themes of austerity, violence and post-apocalyptic morose. And I saw that there was probably some reference to the real life case of Ed Gein. (Not PG). Like everything with McCarthy, so dark.

  • On Work

Most people have heard of the Amish, or even the Mennonites. But I recently heard of the Hutterites. It turns out they are a bit different. As they voraciously adapt new technologies to their collective farms such that they are remarkably productive. To the point that laws and tax codes were written by the US and Canada to adapt to (compete with) them.

Travel - Expedition Denouement:

I made a Travel Page to start compiling travel writings to make it easier to keep up to date with:

I think that if you have read this far, a gentleman's agreement has been entered - and you should feel guilty for not subscribing...

A Tip:

Never fly Spirit Airlines.

I've 'flown' with them three times up here in the US. And they have sucked 3/3 times.

  • Delayed flight such that we would have missed a connection - so had to fly the next day = lost hotel booking, annoying travel insurance claim etc etc
  • Delayed flights shifting gates wandering around Houston airport for hours
  • Delayed flight after boarding because the safety check revealed a fault AFTER the plane was completely boarded

They suck. Never fly with them if you can avoid it. ESPECIALLY if the Spirit flight is first and your connecting flight is dependent on their competence.

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you once again for reading along with me.

If you found something you liked, let me know.

If you think I can do something a little smoother, please let me know.

Talk soon.