Denouement Dashboard - Euro Trip Ep. 9

Denouement Dashboard - Euro Trip Ep. 9

Since Europe is the size of a large Australian suburb, it will be too difficult to do 'Country Summaries' every couple of days as we cross borders. Since we are doing Europe as a road trip, I'm just going to do 'week-by-week' Dashboards, that will probably encompass a couple of countries at a time. Then an overall summary at the end.

As usual, follow along at:

Anyway, let's get into it:

Ep. 9: 26-30/8/23

Where we Went:

  • Denmark: Copenhagen, Lego Land
  • Germany: Bremen
  • France: Paris CDG Airport to drop off the car...


Driving distance in 'Monsieur Gustave H. II', our lovely Renault Koleos:

  • 2,202.3 km


  • 32.4 km

Total = 2,234.7 km

Running Total of Eurotrip Mileage = 14,521.5 km


Total Expenses for the five Days: $4,372.66 AUD

Expense per day = $874.53 AUD/Day

Specific Transport Expenses Total: $672.16 AUD

Running Total for all expenses on the Expedition Denouement: $106,578.70 AUD

Travel Bingo:

I don't think I should make multiple bingo cards per week, so:

  • France: 15 'Influencers', 1 'Karen', 2 'Americans'
  • Belgium: 5 'Influencers', 1 'Khaki Queen'
  • Netherlands: 4 'Influencers', 2 'Americans' and 1 'They're Not Gonna Make It'
  • Luxembourg: 6 'Influencers'
  • Germany: 3 'Influencers', 2 'Americans'
  • Switzerland: 6 'Influencers'
  • Liechtenstein: 1 'American'
  • Poland: 2 'Influencers', 1 'Spiritual King'
  • Norway: 1 'Khaki Queen'
  • Denmark: 1 'Influencer' and 1 'American'

An explanation of Travel Bingo is here.

Relevant Media:

  • Basically anything with Mads Mikkelsen (Danish)

So Casino Royale's 'Le Chifre' bad guy, the 'Hannibal' series on Netflix and a couple of favourites like:

The Hunt

Riders of Justice

  • Or anything with Viggo Mortensen (Also Danish, and apparently a nice guy that lives a normal life in a little town in Denmark)

Aragorn in LOTR

And the supporting act in GI Jane

He also is in 'The Road' as well (need to watch)

Culinary Corner by a Non-Foodie:

  • Not much here for this little section, other than ‘Muchos Mas’ in Bremen. It’s a little Tapas place with really yummy food. We caught up with Courtney, a crazy Kiwi lady, who Casey had met in Peru (when she went on a tour to the sand dunes while I slept in because the pickup time was 0345…).
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Tips and Tricks:

  • Denmark is expensive. So Copenhagen is very expensive. But public transport works very well. So stay out of town where it is cheaper and just get the train in.
  • Also if you have a Kayla, go on a Kayla-tiki tour around Copenhagen. I recommend finding a Kayla. Kaylas are fantastic.


  • Tivoli theme park in Copenhagen is absolutely lovely. It’s something like 180 years old. Go on the creepy Hans Christian Anderson ride.
  • And go to Legoland - it is fantastic. There a bunch of Lego-themed rides, sure, but the miniature cities and towns made out of Lego are the best.


That was the last of the weekly Eurotrip Updates. Next week I will tally up the numbers for a bit of a Euro-Summary.

Then probably a bit of a summary of the whole trip so far to fill in the gap where I go back to Australia to work for a few weeks while Casey is hosting Pole Dancing Retreats in Bali.

Thanks for reading along.