Denouement Diaries - Week 30

Denouement Diaries - Week 30
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

31/8/23 - Day 204: Airborne Purgatory

  • This day was sort of spent either in a plane or in an airport.
  • Maybe the crossover from Doha, into the air, then landing in Denpasar.
  • I feel old.
  • I'm too large for general plane seats.
  • Should fly business.
  • Too poor for business class.
  • Anyway, we landed in Denpasar.
  • Hopped off the plane.
  • Then did the annoying Indonesian immigration dance.
  • Casey already had her 'work visa' for the pole retreats she will be working at.
  • I tried to do the 'e-Visa' days ago but the website wouldn't work....because Indo.
  • But I knew I could just do Visa on arrival.
  • Line up. Go to tap card to pay for it. "Sorry card machines not working".
  • Go to ATM. Get cash.
  • Rejoin line. Get Visa.
  • Casey already through immigration by this point.
  • Join immigration line that was apparently full of dyslexic, blind and deaf individuals.
  • Took forever.
  • Then out to Casey and we found our driver, Matt, who is lovely, waiting for us.
  • Short drive to the little villas that the staff of the pole retreats were staying at, along with Luke the freeloader...
  • Then showers and sleeps...because it was about midnight by this point

1/9/23 - Day 205: Bali

  • Sleep in.
  • Chill morning.
  • Wandered down in to Seminyak to find somewhere for breakfast.
  • Went to 'Beach Bowl Bali Seminyak' for some French toast and coffees.
  • Wandered back through the streets.
  • Got some water and snacks on the way back to our little villa.
  • Organised an E sim card for Casey while sitting around the pool.
  • Casey booked a studio hire and took a Grab moped to go and train for a while.
  • I grabbed a coffee and read for a while.
  • In the evening we wandered to Grill'd for some burgers.
  • Got some frozen yoghurt on the way back.
  • Where we ran in to all the girls on the way back from the current week's retreat farewell dinner on mopeds.
  • So Casey did some baby practice on a modped in the villa driveway.
  • She is awful on a moped...
  • Then chilled and watched the rest of 'The Lego Movie' that we hadn't finished from Denmark.

2/9/23 - Day 206: Bali

  • Bad sleep for me - maybe a little jet lag caught up with me.
  • So I was up early and had a quick dip then went and grabed some coffees.
  • Came and woke up Casey then we wandered to find some breakfast at 'Dua Sisi Kitchen'.
  • Casey took a Grab from there to go and train some aerials.
  • I wandered back and grabbed a coffee on the way.
  • Sat by the pool. Swam. Sunbaked. Is hot.
  • Casey grabbed some iced coffees on the way back.
  • Chilled by the pool some more.
  • Then went and found some lunch at 'Neon Palms'. Was good.
  • And wandered back via some shops for Casey to grab some togs and I grabbed a singlet.
  • And some more coffees and waters on the way home.
  • In the afternoon I watched some 'Archer' (new season) in the aircon, Casey read.
  • Then we did some horrific Acro nonsense that wasn't particularly successful...
  • Got some noodles and dumplings delivered for dinner.
  • Is good.

3/9/23 - Day 207: Bali

  • Went and had breakfast at the little local cafe at the end of the street - which I think is called 'Coffee Cartel' - smoothie bowl and brekkie burger.
  • Then chilled around the pool.
  • Casey started doing some pole retreat hosting duties today.
  • So was organising some things.
  • I pottered and did some reading.
  • Wandered up to 'Baked Seminyak' for my next coffee and pastry stop. Is good,
  • Did a bit of work stuff.
  • Read.
  • Sun.
  • Went for a walk in the afternoon for more coffee and snacks.
  • Finished the new season of 'Archer' on Netflix. Gonna have to start 'One Piece' under Kayla's recommendation.
  • Did not start 'One Piece'...
  • Started Season 2 of 'Good Omens'.
  • Casey was doing the welcome dinner for all the new pole retreat attendees so I got a burger.
  • Spilled it.
  • Cleaned up the carpet.
  • Kept eating.
  • Then Casey came back and we had some snacks, called home, had some zoomies - successful acro.

4/9/23 - Day 208: Bali

  • Casey is fully in to the Pole Retreat schedule now so left early for the breakfast.
  • I am loving my new role as house husband.
  • Went and grabbed a coffee and brekkie burger and had breakfast by the pool.
  • Then wandered to find another Bali cafe - found 'The Rock Cafe Seminyak'.
  • Really nice coffee and lovely staff.
  • Then back via 'Baked' for another.
  • Then did a bit of locum organising.
  • Had a swim.
  • Burgers for lunch.
  • Chilled in the afternoon.
  • Had some iced coffees with Casey when she had a break.
  • In the evening went out for dinner with Casey to get some Balinese food. Was spicy. Casey aspirated. Nearly coughed to death. Was funny.

5/9/23 - Day 209: Bali

  • Slept in while Casey got moving early for the retreat jobs.
  • I walked myself to 'Shelter Cafe' for breakfast and some coffee and a smoothie.
  • More coffees on the way home.
  • Reading around the pool.
  • Finished my book on Genghis Khan.
  • Had some coffees with Casey when she had breaks.
  • Wandered around Seminyak in the afternoon.
  • Got myself a smoothie.
  • Started watching 'The Catcher was a Spy' because it is related to the next book I started reading.
  • In the evening when Casey was back we ordered some dinner, wactched the 'Fire Saga' Eurovision comedy on Netflix.
  • Then did some Acro zoomies.
  • Nearly killed Casey.

6/9/23 - Day 210: Bali

  • Casey had breakfast with the retreat.
  • But otherwise had a bit of a rest day.
  • So was back to have a coffee with me while I had a brekkie burger.
  • Then she headed off to a studio hire over in Canggu.
  • I met her over there when she was done.
  • Moped down to the beach.
  • Walked along the sand for a while.
  • Then went and found some cafes to have more smoothies and coffees.
  • Until she went back to the studio to do some more training stuff, photo shoot/whatever.
  • I got a Grab scooter back and had a swim and pottered.
  • May have had a couple of Brekkie burgers for lunch.
  • Casey came back in the afternoon.
  • And then she had sorted a little dinner date with Kathryn, one of the instructors on the retreat.
  • So I grabbed some snacks, got some food delivered, and started watching ‘One Piece’ on Netflix. Is great.

Stay tuned...