Ramble # 80

Ramble # 80
StableDiffusion Prompt: "3-D spatiotemporal fragrance patterns at a mass casualty event with corruption and fraud. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Hi Team,

Welcome to the latest edition of Ramble, a compilation of what I have been pondering, learning and enjoying for the past few weeks.

Now, grab a beverage and let’s begin.


What I am Reading:

"Number 4 - That we evolved to communicate mostly via sound which can mostly be stored and transmitted using simple technologies like ink on paper or etching in wax, meaning we didn’t have to bootstrap, like, capture and transmission of 3-D spatiotemporal fragrance patterns whilst having no way to exchange ideas other than direct person-to-person contact."

"Number 28 - That washing machines.

Number 29 - That shoes."

Etc. This is fun.

"Lindsey decided to create two “pods” of employees who would essentially condense their week-long schedules into three-day blocks of 13- to 14-hour shifts. He began the program in February and has appreciated 100 percent retention at the management level since. There’s 18 store leaders involved along with about 20 front-line employees."

"...in a crowd crushing injury, with asphyxia as the leading cause of cardiac arrest, there is a much higher probability of survival if prompt CPR is initiated at the scene..."

A good chunk of this story centres on Brisbane's Mater Hospital and her contradictory nature of offering world class maternal-foetal medicine services but the unwillingness to offer the therapeutics once a diagnosis is made, because.......Jesus.

Remember, these prohibitively religious hospitals are publicly funded...

What I am Watching:

  • FIFA Uncovered (Netflix)

Brazen corruption and arrogance by councils of fat, old men. There, I have summarised the limited series for you.

This was obviously timed to be released at the beginning of Qatar's World Cup - the awarding of which was...suspicious.


  • Ancient Apocalypse (Netflix)

Graham Hancock is just another one of these "I'm just asking questions and pushing back against mainstream....archaeology"-style hucksters. He is a journalist, not an archaeologist. Practically every line is bullshit and couched with "could this have been the work of aliens/super intelligent race/bigfoot?" nonsense.

Then the commentary and critique started overflowing from actual archaeologists who had already answered all his questions posed over the last few decades (that's how long Hancock has been selling his schtick):

Then the Society for American Archaeology petitioned Netflix to move the 'docuseries' to the 'fiction' category... awkward...

What I am Listening to:

I suppose I should just thrown in the obligatory 'Spotify Wrapped' screenshots here:

If you want to listen to my weird mix of 'Contemporary Country', 'Rock', 'Pop', 'Australian Alternative Rock' and 'Modern Rock', then here it is.

Things in Medicine:

You are seeing 'Furious Rabies' - This poor fellow will not survive this illness. Don't get rabies...

What I am Thinking:

  • Richard Hammond explains what he experienced during his coma.

Death, dying, comas, intensive care. This was really quite something...


In the next installment of -

"How to Quit Your Job and Escape for a Year (and Why You Should...)"

  • Part 1 - How to Quit Your Job; Section d) - Build Relationships

"You are doing good work. But you need to build relationships.

This stage locks in your job for when you return. You are already working in your field of interest, and doing a good job at it. This is the time to start connecting with those people who actually make decisions. The boss of your department, unit, service line or whatever your industry's hierarchical structure looks like.

There is no need for disgusting sycophancy here. Simply being a serious adult, doing good work, telling another serious adult that you would like to progress in your shared field is usually enough to seal things.

To lock it in, just teach others in your field and put some effort in to professional development and bettering your department - in work hours of course.

By doing this, building relationships for a couple of years, you will guarantee that you are not forgotten during your escape.

And it is probably enough to already lock in your own job while you go and have fun."

I am putting all of these in a separate post here which I will kep updated with each installment.

A Quote:

"When you look in the mirror you see not just your face but a museum. Although your face, in one sense, is your own, it is composed of a collage of features you have inherited from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on. The lips and eyes that either bother or please you are not yours alone but are also features of your ancestors, long dead perhaps as individuals but still very much alive as fragments in you. Even complex qualities such as your sense of balance, musical abilites, shyness in crowds, or susceptibility to sickness have been lived before. We carry the past around with us all the time, and not just in our bodies. It lives also in our customs, including the way we speak. The past is a set of invisible lenses we wear constantly, and through these we perceive the world and the world perceives us. We stand always on the shoulders of our ancestors, whether or not we look down to acknowledge them."

- The Horse, The Wheel and Language (David Anthony)

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you once again for reading along with me.

If you found something you liked, let me know.

If you think I can do something a little smoother, please let me know.

Talk soon.