Denouement Dashboard - Paraguay 🇵🇾

Denouement Dashboard - Paraguay 🇵🇾

This is the place I will cover the stats of each country as we go.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

Paraguay: 20-23/3/23



  • None - we took the bus in, unfortunately


  • Bus - Salta --> Clorinda = 1093 km 
  • Taxi - Border in to Asuncion = 43 km
  • Then probably only about 50 km of Ubers and taxis while we were there


  • No boats


  • 26.1 km

Total = 1,212.1 km


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as an expense IN that country.

Will make up other rules along the way.

Total expense: $1,627.53 AUD

Total Days: 4 Days inclusive

Expense per day = $406.88 AUD/Day

Expenses Breakdown (mathematical, not emotional):

With the biggest change here in that 'Entertainment' made up such a large chunk of spending. This was due to spontaneous ticket purchase for 'Asuncionico' where we saw 'The 1975', 'Lil Nas X', 'Tame Imapala' and '21 Pilots'. Was good.

Travel Bingo:

I think Paraguay is just not touristic enough to get 'Tik-Tok Dweebs' and 'Karens'. And there are no mountains for the 'Khaki Queens'.

Culinary Corner by a Non-Foodie:

  • The food is well priced.
  • And the steaks are pretty good.
  • Coffee is still weird and watery and hotter than Mordor - but probably better than Argentina.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Uber is extremely cheap and accessible.
  • If tall white people are getting looked at, it's probably just because you are both wearing shorts/dress (not jacket, parka and jeans) in the 35 degree weather - Paraguay is still quite conservative. Don't worry. There is no issue with this, the people are still lovely. You are just a tall white guy showing off some leg...
  • TravelSpend - get the app, document your expenses. What gets measured gets managed
  • Google Maps - download offline maps for wherever you are heading
  • Use Kayak to search for flights - it is almost an aggregator of aggregators
  • Then download whichever sub-aggregator like Mytrip or you purchased the tickets through to get your boarding passes
  • Yes, I realise this is not that efficient, but agregators like Kayak are the best way to find the best flights for the best price
  • Use Rome2Rio and BusBud to search for bus travel - buses do actually work pretty well in South America - but, as above, fly in to Asuncion, don't take a bus if you don't have to
  • Use AirBnB and for accomodation - is growing in this space and encroaching on AirBnB's turf - with less ridiculous "clean the whole house prior to checkout" obligations
  • The Visa/Mastercard/American express network works here just fine - we did not get much cash out at all.


  • Paraguay is small and, to be honest, doesn't have a huge list of tourist attractions. So Asuncion is the place you will go.
  • Go for a couple of days - the place is not built around tourism, don't be suprised if you have a quite day, get a coffee and read a book.
  • Take a flight, the bus ride in from Argentina sucked.
  • Stay here, which is NOT the 'old town', rather the place between new developments and shopping centres:
  • Book a place with a pool - it's hot.


  • Paraguay is a tiny little place built around Asuncion.
  • Tourism has not kicked off here properly yet.
  • There is little English spoken outside that cirled area above.
  • It is actually quite conservative - the laws and social norms for LGBTQI+++++alphabet people are not particularly progressive just yet.
  • The place is growing - there is churning rapid construction of high rise apartments and high-end shopping precincts - luxury cars are on the roads next to dudes chilling in the back of a ute.
  • Side note: There is a nice tax situation for anyone savvy enough to take advantage of it - no tax on foreign earned income and 10%ish for income earned in Paraguay. And the path to Permanent residency is not too difficult.

Thanks for reading along.

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