Denouement Dashboard - Malta

Denouement Dashboard - Malta

This is the place I will cover the stats of each country as we go.

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Malta: 20-23/10/23


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as tracks IN that country.


  • Larnaca - Malta = 1,741 km


  • Probably about 40km between airport transfers and Ubers around town


  • About 35 km


  • 18.9 km

Total = 1,834.9 km


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as an expense IN that country.

Total expense: $2,473.56 AUD

Total Days: 4 Days inclusive

Expense per day = $618.39 AUD/Day

Expenses Breakdown (mathematical, not emotional):

Travel Bingo:

  • The Influencer - II

An explanation of Travel Bingo is here.

Relevant Media:

  • Malta is a bit like Cyprus in that it is ancient and has been ruled by everybody. I mean, even Napoleon was there.
  • So nothing specific, but any historical thing will eventually touch Malta…
  • There is some cool stuff about the Knights of St John of Malta (and Jerusalem and Cyprus…) - they still exist.

Culinary Corner by a Non-Foodie:

  • Little Argentina in Sliema was a suprisingly good spot for an anniversary dinner.
  • La Crema for coffee. Also in Sliema. Was excellent.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Uber works fine in Malta.


  • Go and visit the old town in Valletta. It is amazing and one of the better old towns I have ever seen. It is somewhere that you can look out over the harbour and think “yes, I am standing in an ancient place…” - also Gladiator 2 is filming there…


  • An incredibly densely populated place, that produces nothing and doesn’t have enough water nor power….but is still lovely.
  • Mediterranean swims, rocky coast, pretty good coffees.

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