Denouement Dashboard - Euro Trip Ep. 5

Denouement Dashboard - Euro Trip Ep. 5

Since Europe is the size of a large Australian suburb, it will be too difficult to do 'Country Summaries' every couple of days as we cross borders. Since we are doing Europe as a road trip, I'm just going to to 'week-by-week' Dashboards, that will probably encompass a couple of countries at a time. Then an overall summary at the end.

As usual, follow along at:

Anyway, let's get into it:

Ep. 4: 29/7 - 4/8/23

Where We Went:

  • Germany: Berlin
  • Poland: Warsaw, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Kraków, Zakopane, The Tatra Mountains, Wieliczka Salt Mine


Driving distance in 'Monsieur Gustave H.', our lovely Renault Scenic:

  • 2,099 km


  • 56.5 km

Total =  2,155.5 km

Running Total of Eurotrip Mileage = 7,645.4 km


Total Expenses for the 7 Days: $2,885.55 AUD

Expense per day = $412.22 AUD/Day

Specific Transport Expenses Total: $1,184.99 AUD

Running Total for all expenses on the Expedition Denouement: $92,678.82 AUD total to date + $3,526.75 of future expenses already accounted for

Travel Bingo:

I don't think I should make multiple bingo cards per week, so the running totals in Europe:

  • France: 15 'Influencers', 1 'Karen', 2 'Americans'
  • Belgium: 5 'Influencers', 1 'Khaki Queen'
  • Netherlands: 4 'Influencers', 2 'Americans' and 1 'They're Not Gonna Make It'
  • Luxembourg: 6 'Influencers'
  • Germany: 3 'Influencers', 2 'Americans'
  • Switzerland: 6 'Influencers'
  • Liechtenstein: 1 'American'
  • Poland: 1 'Influencer'

An explanation of Travel Bingo is here.

Relevant Media:

  • Germany/Berlin: 'The Man from UNCLE', 'Atomic Blonde', Then basically every movie set in the Second World War...
  • Poland/Warsaw: There are a few old movies about the Warsaw uprising in 1944 which I have to get around to.

And once again, German Reggae:

  • Seeed

  • Peter Fox

Culinary Corner by a Non-Foodie:

  • Polish service stations are weirdly good for snacks on a roadtrip.
  • The servos called 'Orlen' have strangely good coffee from their machines.
  • And they all will serve hotdogs. Really tasty hotdogs...
  • In Warsaw, some nice modern Polish food can be found at 'LAS - Lokalna Atrakcja Stolicy'.
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Tips and Tricks:

  • In Berlin, you can use an app to book and organise your tickets for public transport: BVG Tickets
‎BVG Tickets: Train, Bus & Tram
‎BVG Tickets is the official ticket-purchasing app for public transport in Berlin! With BVG Tickets you can buy tickets for train, subway, tram, and bus from the official source and travel anywhere in Berlin. Purchase and download tickets straight to the app and enjoy your trip. By the way: You…
  • An I think Europe-wide, there is an app that is good for hiking with all the trails:
‎ navigation & maps
‎Never again will you get lost or bored with Use it while driving to get to where you want to be, showing you exactly where to turn right or left, or even take a break. All of this without being tied to an internet connection. Through your device by will guide you around t…


  • Berlin is just full of history - every corner. No need for specific recommendations. Just walk.
  • Public transport in Berlin is very accessible, and easier than parking in the centro.
  • Walk along the river in Warsaw, lots of nice paths and more and more cafes and nice restaurants popping up in recent years, apparently.
  • Kraków is a very well preserved old city and worth a look.
  • And the Wieliczka Salt Mine is inredible.
  • For those that like hiking - the Tartra mountains in the south on the Slovakian border are very nice, and easily accessible.


  • Bit of a big driving week.
  • Did some hiking in the mountains. And ate lots of Polish food.
  • Less cyclists around here, so a bit less worrying.

Thanks for reading along.

The next weekly road trip update will come... next week.