Denouement Diaries - Week 42

Denouement Diaries - Week 42
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

23/11/23 - Day 288: Singapore

  • Went and had breakfast at the good coffee shop across the road.
  • Before getting the train up towards the botanic gardens.
  • Hot day.
  • But transport is so easy here.
  • Wandered along the gardens and found the orchid garden.
  • Very nice.
  • Got tickets and wandered through.
  • Another cool climate controlled cloud forest thing.
  • Had some iced coffees afterwards.
  • Before train back towards Kampong Glam.
  • For some lunch at a Turkish place.
  • We are eating big meals apparently.
  • Very full.
  • Learned that it is illegal to annoyingly tout services (like a restaurant) in Singapore - a big fine and 6 months jail….
  • There were a few signs around.
  • Caught the bus back to Clarke Quay.
  • And had some coffees in the ice cream cafe on the way.
  • And sat around the pool for a while.
  • Didn’t end up going back out for dinner as full.
  • Did go and have a coffee before replacing my shirts - I have been wearing two shirts all year and they are disgusting. Had to chuck them. Went to the first shop we saw in the shopping centre and got a new one…
  • Early bed.
  • I’m still not quite on the sleep schedule, however…
  • Neither of us are for some reason.

24/11/23 - Day 289: Singapore

  • Because we were both up between 0001 and 0200. Couldn’t sleep. Not tired. Ended up listening to some white noise/calming music to try and sleep.
  • I can tell you that there is not limit to the niche level of ASMR sounds you might like to listen to. Everything exists…
  • Ended up back to sleep around 0430.
  • Then woke up to alarms feeling very tired around 0930. Apparently jetlag flying east sucks.
  • Walked over towards the business centre and found a nice cafe for breakfast.
  • With excellent coffee.
  • Then wandered over to the Fullerton Hotel. We wanted to be fancy and have a coffee in the lobby.
  • A lovely fellow at the door asked for my name so he could introduce us at the cafe. Very fancy.
  • Had some extremely expensive coffees and cake. Was alright.
  • Had a look at all the old history stuff in the lobby afterwards,
  • Then wandered up to see the Raffles Hotel.
  • Which was a bit busy with heaps of people trying to get to the Long Bar to have a Singapore Sling.
  • So we found a cool shopping centre and had some ice cream and a cold drink.
  • Before wandering back along the river.
  • For a swim in the pool and some reading time on the roof.
  • Casey toddled off to some Pole training in the afternoon.
  • Then we went in to Satay Corner for dinner.
  • It was fantastic. So much good food. Communal seating everywhere. Had some butter chicken and naan.
  • Then at exactly 1900. EXACTLY 1900. The street is closed for seating in front of the satay grills.
  • Such good food.
  • Wandered back through some cool rain.
  • Grabbed some snacks on the way.

25/11/23 - Day 290: Singapore —> Bali (transit)

  • Sleep in.
  • We had half a plan to do a bit more of a walk around in the morning before having a shower and going to the airport.
  • But we managed to wander a street over for some breakfast before checking out at 1200 and taking a Grab to the airport.
  • Had some lunch at Changi.
  • Then to our gate.
  • Short flight down to Bali.
  • Immediate culture shock of organised Singaporeans to Chaotic Balinese.
  • Transferring to the next terminal was very Balinese.
  • Had some dinner in the terminal instead of sitting among the pile of dazed and confused sunburnt Australians trying to ge track to the Gold Coast…
  • Then on to the next flight to Brisbane.

26/11/23 - Day 291: Bali (transit) —> Brisbane

  • The flight sucked.
  • There was a pile of toddlers and little kids on the plane.
  • Who flies a red-eye with toddlers?
  • Poor kids were having an awful time.
  • Anyway, didn’t really sleep at all.
  • Landed in Brisbane.
  • Quickly through immigration then immediately got an Uber in to the city to Pancake Manor.
  • Had a pile of Pancakes and Coffee.
  • Then Uber to Casey’s parents’ place to pick up her car.
  • Family stuff.
  • Drove to the coast.
  • Family dinner.
  • Dead-tired by 1930…

27/11/23 - Day 292: Hanging around Home

  • Casey got her hair done.
  • We hung around the coast and saw family.

28/11/23 - Day 293: Hanging around Home

  • Casey and I went and saw Ash and Simone for some new tattoos.
  • Casey got some mystical hands holding a crystal ball….I got some playing cards…

29/11/23 - Day 294: Hanging around Home

  • We went down to Brisbane.
  • Stayed with Casey’s Grandma.
  • Went and had some lunch with Lisi.

Stay tuned...