Denouement Diaries - Week 38

Denouement Diaries - Week 38
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

26/10/23 - Day 260: Madrid

  • Slow day.
  • We couldn’t be bothered doing much.
  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Then slowly in to Madrid.
  • But the weather was rubbish so we weren’t particularly motivated to do a bunch of walking around the sights.
  • Eventually found a park, which was a bit difficult.
  • Also traffic is proper tomato in the centre of town…
  • Then walked towards the Prado museum to be faced with an enormous line outside in the wet and wind.
  • Passed on that.
  • Went and had some lunch and coffees in a little cafe in the streets.
  • Then wandered the Botanical Garden adjacent to the Prado.
  • After hiding from the rain for a bit.
  • Wandered the streets.
  • Back out to the burbs for Casey’s next pole class.
  • Got rained on on the walk back.
  • Ordered some Uber Eats for dinner.

27/10/23 - Day 261: Madrid —> Barcelona

  • Driving day.
  • The outskirts of Madrid are quite unimpressive - like to the point of poverty.
  • The drive from Madrid to Barcelona has you passing literally abandoned facilities and ?small towns.
  • I think Spain is a bit poor.
  • Yep, looked it up, unemployment is about 10-12 percent. They doing their best.
  • Anyway in a fit of genius we had booked a boat in a marina to sleep in as a ‘fancy AirBnB’.
  • It was shit.
  • Did misjudge what that would all mean.
  • Immediately booked a cheap hotel on the outskirts of Barcelona.
  • Drove to said hotel.
  • Grabbed some Maccas for dinner.
  • Watching ‘Better Call Saul’.

28/10/23 - Day 262: Barcelona

  • In to the city early and parked.
  • Grabbed some breakfast near the Sagrada Familia.
  • Wandered around it. Is amazing.
  • Wanted to go in but no tickets until tomorrow evening. Booked.
  • Then wandered the streets.
  • Saw some more Gaudi.
  • Then over to a Pole Studio for Casey to train.
  • Then to a big Pole Competition.
  • Watched a friend compete.
  • Was fun.
  • Back to the car.
  • Back out to our hotel.
  • Got some dumplings for dinner.
  • ’Better Call Saul’.

29/10/23 - Day 263: Barcelona

  • Easy breakfast at the hotel.
  • Casey had a pole workshop for a few hours in the city while I wandered around, down La Rambla, and hit up some cafes.
  • Then back to Find Casey when she was finished and we headed over to La Pedrera.
  • Gaudi’s amazing apartment building. We had tickets so we did the tour.
  • Is incredible.
  • Would recommend.
  • Then over to La Sagrada Familia for our booked ticket time.
  • Is also amazing.
  • By far the best cathedral in Europe.
  • Unique.
  • Then walked/took a taxi back to where we parked the car.
  • May have grabbed some Nuggets for dinner…

30/10/23 - Day 264: Barcelona —> Andorra

  • Spent the morning in Barcelona.
  • Had breakfast with Smol.
  • Then Casey had another Pole Session booked with a Venezuelan living in Spain.
  • More cafe time for me.
  • Then off to Andorra.
  • Only a couple of hours drive.
  • But a very nice drive up into the mountains.
  • Immediately googles how to become a resident of Andorra…
  • Checked in to the little ski chalet style hotel.
  • And just sat around in the lounge. Had a coffee. Pottered.
  • Read books.
  • Had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Was good.

31/10/23 - Day 265: Andorra —> Saint Tropez

  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Then checked out and rolled down in to the ‘Town/Capital’ of Andorra - Andorra La Vella - just….Andorra……in the valley.
  • Casey had to get some makeup so we wandered along the Main Street.
  • Had a couple of coffees in the sun.
  • Then back to the car to start the big drive.
  • A bit slow getting out of Andorra - all mountain roads and tunnels.
  • But then when you get in to France and down off the mountains, the French highways pick up again and they are smooth and fast.
  • Got some nuggets for the journey.
  • Stopped a couple of times for snacks.
  • Then the next slow part was the windy scrub roads into the back of Saint Tropez in the dark.
  • Not fun with no street lights.
  • Found our hotel. Nice place.
  • Got some food delivered.
  • Watched ‘Rick and Morty’.
  • Bed.

1/11/23 - Day 266: Saint Tropez

  • Miserable cold wet day.
  • Had the hotel breakfast.
  • Then drove down in to the town.
  • Cold and wet.
  • Wandered around the old town - which is very nice, but would be nicer in the sun.
  • Wandered along the harbour.
  • Went to a cafe, was seated, looked at the menu, saw that a coke cost 11 Euros, promptly stood up and left.
  • I think that is just delusional…
  • At this point I was just annoyed - Saint Tropez just seemed like ‘late stage popular’ - just full of snobby people wearing Gucci walking past shops that sell Luis Vuitton… I dunno, if a town is going to ‘live by the sword of snobbery….it will die by the sword of snobbery’….?
  • I mean it became Famous in the 60s and was just a fishing village before that!
  • Back to the hotel to get our of the rain.
  • Read books.
  • Vegetated.
  • In the evening we drove down to one of the other nearby harbours to find something to eat.
  • Stumbled upon a weird cafe that was half closed and half full of a clown cast of local characters, and a cute dog.
  • Had some coffees.
  • Grabbed a McFlurry on the way back to the hotel.

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