Denouement Diaries - Week 27

Denouement Diaries - Week 27
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

10/8/23 - Day 183: Kaunas --> Riga

  • The Baltics have the worst roads in Europe.
  • Just constant roadworks.
  • Anyway, breakfast in the little main street of Kaunas, then grabbed bags and got going.
  • Slow going.
  • Coffees and snacks along the way.
  • Then slower coming in to Riga - more roadworks...
  • Roughly found where we thought our accomodation was.
  • So just parked on the side of the road in the centro for a little bit and went for a look.
  • Turns out our place is down a urine-smelling alleyway behind some buildings hahaahahh
  • Ah well.
  • Went and parked the car under a shopping centre about 200m away.
  • And carried our bags back.
  • Checked in with a code.
  • In to the smallest room we have stayed in on the whole trip!
  • Literally tiny.
  • It smells damp...
  • Figured if it really sucked we could just go to a real hotel tomorow.
  • Dumped bags and went for a walk.
  • Found a nice park.
  • Then looked for a coffee.
  • First place was run by some Zoomers who just ignored us. So found another place next door.
  • Had some coffees.
  • Riga is giving 'big' city vibes. Whereas Kaunas gave 'regional' city vibes. They are both tiny. But I think when a city is designated 'the capital' something changes.
  • After coffees I walked Casey to what must be one of Latvia's only Pole Gyms. Where she had an awesome session with a bunch of Russian dancers.
  • Lots of Russians in Riga.
  • Tried to get some food on the way home - Subway was closed, Maccas couldn't take card for some reason.
  • So just went over to the grocery store and grabbed some things to heat up in the microwave at our accomodation.
  • Heated up our food.
  • Watched 'Derry Girls'.

11/8/23 - Day 184: Riga

  • Sleep was ordinary.
  • Not bad enough to pack up and find another hotel.
  • Went and found somewhere for breakfast which was really good.
  • Then wandered in to the old town for a look around.
  • Saw my first Orthodox church which was interesting.
  • Then to the big cathedral in the old town.
  • Was nice.
  • Went up the top for a look around.
  • Then through all the tiny streets.
  • Back out and along the river park.
  • By which time we simply had to have some McFlurrys. So got some and sat in the park.
  • Wandered back in to the centro area for some coffees.
  • Then back to our accomodation to chill for a minute.
  • Before setting out in the afternoon for a snack and a read for a little while.
  • Before Casey went to another Pole Session.
  • ...we got maccas for dinner.

12/8/23 - Day 185: Riga --> Estonia

  • We left our shoe box.
  • Threw the bags in the car (parked under a shopping centre).
  • Then went and had some breakfast.
  • Then got going.
  • Usual Baltics. Awful roads.
  • Snacks and coffees on the way.
  • In to Estonia.
  • Actually watched a replay of the Australian women's soccer team shootout win in a servo carpark.
  • Then eventually up towards Tallinn - which has insane hotel prices.
  • So we had booked a little cabin out to the west.
  • Which was down a little forest dirt road.
  • And was lovely.
  • Chucked the bags in.
  • Then went and found some food in the form of a pizza place over near what looked like a company town with a military barracks over on the coast.
  • Back to our log cabin and it turned out that a bunch of Estonians were having a buck's party in some of the other cabins. They were lovely. And very quiet.
  • Pizzas. Sauna. Movie.

13/8/23 - Day 186: Estonia --> Helsinki

  • We left a bit early because we were really just passing through Estonia to get to Finland.
  • So from our little cabin to Tallinn.
  • To the port (via some coffees at a servo) to check in for the ferry.
  • Then drove on. Parked up. And found somewhere to sit for a couple of hours across the Gulf of Finland.
  • And in to Helsinki.
  • Drove the car off.
  • And just went in to the Centro.
  • Parked up and walked around.
  • Food first - found a place where we just got some pasta because we were starving.
  • Then kept wandering. Grand Central Station, some lovely parks, an awesome busker.
  • Down to the harbour for a look.
  • With some coffees on the way.
  • In the afternoon we went back to the car and drove out to our accomodation.
  • Which, a bit annoyingly, is one of these old buildings where the shower is literally downstairs, go outside, then the little door to go in to the basement etc etc.
  • Anyway.

14/8/23 - Day 187: Helsinki

  • Had a good sleep.
  • Then rolled out of bed and walked over to the train station over the road from our accomodation.
  • Train coming. Jumped on. Thought I could buy a ticket online. Couldn't.
  • Got off at next station. Bought ticket. Guilt subsides. Get on next train.
  • Then in to Helsinki.
  • And just wandered around.
  • Found a place for breakfast and had some pastries and a pile of coffees.
  • Before walking over to the main square under the cathedral for a free walking tour.
  • Very knowledgeable guide.
  • Wandered around some of the major buildings and neighbourhoods.
  • Before finishing down at the harbour markets.
  • Hungry again by then so walked down to the food hall on the harbour.
  • Casey had some traditional Finnish salmon soup which she thought was excellent.
  • And we chatted with a lovely old German-Finnish couple who shared our table.
  • Then kept wandering around the metro, stopping for some coffees and to read books for a bit.
  • Before I walked Casey to her next Pole Class.
  • I had some time to kill so went for more coffee and vegetated in a cafe.
  • And wandered around an outdoor store, which in Finland is comprehensive - up to and including rifles on the walls for purchase for a reasonable price.
  • Finland is cool. Quiet people that drink lots of coffee and who are respectful of each others' personal space. I like it.
  • Pickled up Casey and we grabbed some burgers for dinner.
  • Before heading to the train station and rolling the few stops back to our place.
  • Annoying showers in the basement.
  • Then just chilled out and watched 'M3GAN' on Netflix. Creepy child robot thing.

15/8/23 - Day 188: Helsinki --> Oulu

  • Driving day. Scandinavia is large.
  • Up a bit earlier and packed up and rolled out.
  • Heading north out of Helsinki.
  • Coffees.
  • A lunch stop at a servo that served actual meals for lunch. Was excellent.
  • More driving. More coffees.
  • Through lots of lakes. The land of lakes.
  • Then eventually in to Oulu.
  • Found a place to park. Checked in. Moved the car to the right carpark.
  • Then wandered down to the waterfront and along the piers. Then back in to the more central area and ended up at an Asian buffet next to our hotel.
  • Then back to the room.
  • Watched a movie - 'Red Sparrow'. Is excellent.

16/8/23 - Day 189: Oulu

  • Turned out to be a miserable rainy day.
  • So instead of going to find a nice walk in the forest or something, we slept in, had a long breakfast and lots of coffees.
  • During which Casey had some FaceTime calls home, pottered reading the news etc.
  • Casey did some online shopping to prepare for some Pole Competitions back in Europe in October.
  • Then we grabbed a takeaway pizza and went back to our room to watch the Matildas World Cup game. Impossible to log on to Channel 7's streaming service it turned out. But the game was live on Finnish TV so we were able to watch.
  • Good effort.
  • In the afternoon we went and found Casey's next pole class a couple of suburbs over.
  • Then back in to town to see Barbie. It was weird. But good. Margot Robbie is amazing.
  • Then some takeaway burgers to finish off a rainy vegetative day.

Stay tuned...