Locum Diaries

Locum Diaries

So there was a hiatus period where I jumped off the Denouement to head back to Australia for a few weeks to do some locum work in a regional Private Hospital while Casey was hosting Pole Dance Retreats in Bali.

I had a lot of free time on my hands.

So I did some more expense tracking.

And also tracked my dietary intake for some reason…

Dubbo: 10-30/9/23



  • Maroochydore - Sydney - Dubbo - Sydney - Maroochydore = 2,288 km


  • About 15 km worth of taxi rides


  • About 20 km

Total = 2,323 km


Total expense: $1,606.07 AUD

Total Days: 21 Days inclusive

Expense per day = $76.48 AUD/Day

Expenses Breakdown (mathematical, not emotional):

Flights, accomodation and airport taxi transfers were all included.

So the transportation is just cab fares with my groceries around the place.

Coffee expenses making up 13% of the total is quite wonderful…

Diet Tracking (for some reason…):

  • Average Intake = 3334 Calories/day
  • Maximum = 4310 Calories
  • Minimum = 2171 Calories
  • Average Protein Intake = 185 g/day
  • Average Carbohydrate Intake = 254 g/day
  • Average Fat iIntake = 161 g/day

Grocery List (Cumulative):

  • 2.5kg beef - various cuts
  • Middle rasher bacon 1750g
  • Dozen eggs x 4
  • English muffins x 5 packet
  • 2 x Beef ragou 750g
  • Pepsi max x 30 cans + 1.25 L bottle
  • Milk x 3L
  • Lamb shoulder 550g (oven bake, didn’t have an oven…)
  • Bananas x 16
  • Honey 340g
  • Peanut Butter 375g
  • Rolled Oats 1kg
  • Strawberries 1250g
  • Yoghurt 920g

Eating Out/Delivery:

  • Burger Urge (a couple of times…)
  • Zambreros (also a couple of times…)
  • Press Cafe - excellent cafe which became my weekend breakfast spot
  • Jimmy Barnett Espresso - good coffees on the Main Street
  • CSC - milkshake, coffees
  • Maccas - a family meal to serve 4 while watching the rugby league prelim final
  • Domino’s - two large pizzas (bbq chicken and rasher bacon, bbq meat lovers) garlic bread, lava cake
  • Total of 36 coffees from the Dubbo Public Hospital cafe


  • Transiency in a regional town without a car is not particularly exciting.
  • Although it is financially very advantageous…and you get to know the cabbies.
  • I did go to the gym while I was there. But I ate a lot of whatever I wanted…
  • Locum work in daylight hours is much more enjoyable than nights. Would recommend.

Thanks for reading along.