Denouement Diaries - Week 36

Denouement Diaries - Week 36
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

12/10/23 - Day 246: Milos

  • Last day on Milos.
  • Rolled out of bed.
  • Went and grabbed the car and drove around the corner to refuel it before returning it.
  • May have driven on the wrong side of the road for a bit after refuelling…
  • Then breakfast.
  • Did some reading.
  • Went for a walk.
  • Gyros portion for lunch.
  • Chilled on our patio area.
  • Then, again, waffles and ice cream for dinner.
  • Was excellent.
  • Good day.

13/10/23 - Day 247: Milos –> Mykonos

  • Up a bit earlier to get the ferry.
  • The port is right below us so it’s not too difficult.
  • On to the boat.
  • Couple of hours.
  • Crap coffees and a donut on the way.
  • Then off at Mykonos.
  • We had rejected the offer from our hotel for a 25 euro transfer for the 1km trip to the hotel.
  • So we walked.
  • There is no path.
  • The Greeks have not built a footpath anywhere near this road…
  • Stopped on the way for breakfast.
  • Did we just sit on some man’s front patio and ask for food.
  • He seems to be happily smoking as he serves us…
  • Anyway then we got to our place.
  • A bit early so we payed around the pool.
  • Then bags in to the room when it was ready.
  • Wandered down in to town.
  • Explored the old town.
  • This place smells worse than Milos or Paros…
  • Casey did some togs shopping.
  • Had some lunch at a little taverna.
  • A pelican wandered in to the shop to get its daily fish ration it seemed...
  • Very weird.
  • Saw the windmills.
  • Then back up the hill to our accomodation.
  • Sat in the sun around the pool and read for a while.
  • Chilled.
  • Eventually realised we would need dinner.
  • Back down the hill.
  • Dinner along the waterfront.
  • Snacks and baklava on the way home.
  • Watched a trashy Halloween movie on Netflix.
  • Is good.

14/10/23 - Day 248: Mykonos

  • Chill day.
  • Breakfast at our hotel.
  • Then wandered down in to town.
  • Had another coffee.
  • Mykonos is a little bit dank compared to Milos and Paros…
  • Went to try and find a little beach.
  • Bit overcast. And a bit dirty.
  • So wandered back through town as Casey looked at some of the clothes stores.
  • And we holed up for some more coffee and reading.
  • Back up the hill to our accomodation in the early afternoon and did some booking of more of the trip while sitting around the pool.
  • Then got some gyros delivered.
  • Eventually in the evening we went back down and had some crepes and coffees as dinner/dessert.
  • Did a bit of people watching as the creatures came out.

15/10/23 - Day 249: Milos

  • Boat day - so we had breakfast at 0900 then were down at the old port by 1000.
  • Found our boat.
  • Eventually everyone boarded.
  • Then got going.
  • Cool old two masted boat - sort of traditional style.
  • Run by a family.
  • Stopped at some nice swimming spots.
  • Did some jumping from the top of the boat.
  • Lunch was included.
  • In the afternoon we were dropped off back at the port.
  • Then we went and chilled in a cafe for a while overlooking the old town as the sun was setting.
  • Had some coffees. Read. Casey had some dips.

16/10/23 - Day 250: Mykonos to Paphos (Cyprus)

  • Up and had some breakfast.
  • Packed up.
  • Asked the accomodation staff to book us a taxi. They are lovely.
  • Then chilled around the pool, reading, called some people, waiting for the taxi.
  • It turned out that it is basically a flat rate of 35 Euros to travel about 7 minutes to the airport…
  • Anyway.
  • Then apparently we were too late to do online check in for Ryanair but te lone bored functionless admindroid behind the check in desk was going to charge 55 Euros per person… check in… the check in desk…
  • Which, I’m ashamed to say, we had to do…
  • Waited at the gate.
  • Was delayed.
  • Chatted to an older British couple who live in Cyprus.
  • Eventually on to the plane - stupid Ryanair.
  • Taxi to our accomodation.
  • Which was like a comEric re-enactment of when the boys get to their hotel in ‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ - you Casey!? Here your room!!!
  • Pretty old place.
  • Went for a walk along the waterfront.
  • Had some awful burgers for dinner at a beach club that seems to cater to British tourists…thugs the awful food.

17/10/23 - Day 251: Paphos

  • Had breakfast at an Irish pub - full English breakfast is the best culinary export of that culture…
  • Checked out the beach - is a bit rocky and weedy.
  • Did lots of reading.
  • Casey did some dancing.
  • I drank some coffee.
  • Chill day.

18/10/23 - Day 252: Paphos

  • Breakfast at an Irish pub…
  • Then went for a look at the ‘Tomb of the Kings’ (which didn’t actually cater to kings but still fairly impressive)
  • Had some lunch and did some reading at a nice hotel.
  • Casey did more pole dancing.
  • Then we had dinner at a weird British ‘dinner and show’ place with bad dancers intermittently popping out and the hostess singing solos.
  • Was interesting.

Stay tuned...