Denouement Dashboard - Colombia 🇨🇴

Denouement Dashboard - Colombia 🇨🇴

This is the place I will cover the stats of each country as we go.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

Colombia: 15-21/5/23


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as tracks IN that country.


  • Guayaquil --> Bogota --> Medellin = 1,223 km


  • Medellin --> Guatape --> Medellin = 182 km
  • Airport transfers = 48km
  • Ubers and Cabs around Medellin = probably only 30km


  • Probably about 3km in Guatape for lunch


  • 29.6km

Total = 1,515.6 km


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as an expense IN that country.

Total expense: $1941.98 AUD

Total Days: 7 Days inclusive

Expense per day = $277.43 AUD/Day

Expenses Breakdown (mathematical, not emotional):

Travel Bingo:

Lots of 'Influencers' in Colombia. Among young women, image is everything.

'The Americans' are starting to appear as we head north. We spotted a pack of them floating around the airport after some sort of bro-ish holiday...

An explanation of Travel Bingo is here.

Relevant Media:

  • I mean, 'Narcos' was pretty popular on Netflix...
  • These two Colombianas are fairly popular: KAROL G and Shakira

Culinary Corner by a Non-Foodie:

  • The coffee in Colombia is excellent
  • There is a decent restaurant scene in Laureles - we had Mexican, Argentinian, Japanese, Vietnamese
  • Cafes will serve from extensive breakfast and snack menus
  • And we are starting to see some more Americanised chain restaurants as well

Tips and Tricks:

  • 'Rappi' or 'Pedidos Ya' for food delivery - download the apps
  • Ubers are cheap and everywhere - traffic can be very bad, however
  • As with most of South America - not a lot of English
  • Colombia is not a Narco hotspot any more - as usual, avoid the Narco economy and you won't have any trouble
  • Pick a good suburb as your base - heaps of blogs out there to help with this - Laureles and El Poblado are good starts
  • Because the borders between rich and poor are frequent and drastic - you can pass through good-bad-good-bad suburbs on a simple trip to the movies
  • Some cultural differences - change an order at a restaurant and you might get an eye roll (probably nothing in it, though); image is everything; social media is a bit of an obsession (maybe even more than the west) such that young women will sneer and eye roll at each other, oneupsmanship is  a thing


  • Larueles is a very nice suburb adjacent to a University with heaps of Restaurants and Cafes - very safe
  • As was El Poblado - very upmarket with lots of restaurants, high end shopping, cafes
  • Go out to Guatape and climb up the massive rock thing - it is very cool
  • Definitely go to Communa 13 for a walking tour - we went with 'Visit Medellin Tours' (just google them and book on Viator)
  • The Botanic Gardens in Medellin city is quite nice - free entry and full of animals freely roaming
  • Otherwise Medellin is a very green city, and walking the streets is mostly very pleasant


  • I've called this a summary, but we only went to Medellin - so grain of salt here
  • Colombia was definitely cheaper due to much cheaper accomodation and we avoided the very expensive day tours
  • We probably stayed a little too long at 7 days; 5 days would be enough for the casual tourist having a look around
  • Wealth inequalities, as with the rest of South America, are obvious; but we felt very safe
  • The food is pretty good
  • And the coffee is excellent

Thanks for reading along.

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