Finished on 21/3/18 in Brisbane, Australia.

"But if it is a prince who builds his power on the people, one who can command and is a man of courage, who does not despair in adversity, who does not fail to take precautions, and who wins general allegiance by his personal qualities and the institutions he establishes, he will never be let down by the people; and he will be found to have established his power securely."

"Wise princes, therefore, have always shunned auxiliaries and made use of their own forces. They have preferred to lose battles with their one forces than win them with others, in the belied that no true victory is possible with alien arms."

"A prince must, therefore, never lack advice. But he must take it when he wants to, not when others want him to; indeed, he must discourage everyone from tendering advice about anything unless it issued for. All the same, he should be a constant questioner, and he must listen patiently to thee truth regarding what he has inquired about. Moreover, if he finds that anyone for some reason holds the truth back he must show his wrath."

Notes and Quotes - The Prince (Niccolò Machiavelli)