Denouement Dashboard - Monaco

Denouement Dashboard - Monaco

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Monaco: 6/11/23

You will have to forgive me for this edition. We went and had breakfast in Monaco when we were leaving Nice to head to Carcassonne. But, Monaco is a sovereign state, so it counts. So what follows is an incredibly unexciting ‘Dashboard’ of….breakfast and a walk.


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as tracks IN that country.


  • Nice - Monaco - Nice = 42 km


  • Probably about 3km ambling around

Total = 45 km


Rough rules: I will count the flight (or bus) TO that country as an expense IN that country.

Total expense: $84.08 AUD

Total Days: (Not even a full day…)

Expenses Breakdown (mathematical, not emotional):

The ‘Transportation’ charge here is just the cost to pay for parking.

Relevant Media:

  • Anything with F1 cars - the country has a long history hosting car races.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can literally just walk in to the Casino de Monte-Carlo. I won 40 euros at the blackjack tables there as a 19-year old on Contiki… So go and check it out.


  • Walk up the hill and look at the rich people. Walk down to the harbour to see their boats.


  • Monaco, like the other little micro-states we have been to (Lichtenstein, Andorra) is an enlightening place to travel. It shows that small countries can stil live by their own rules and create their own incentives. No natural resources - just become a tax haven and open the doors to business. Small place, can’t support large numbers - simply don’t give out citizenship. Don’t want to be beholden to someone else’s rules - don’t joint the EU.

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