Denouement Diaries - Week 49

Denouement Diaries - Week 49
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

11/1/23 - Day 337: Sunshine Coast

  • Took the sausages for a walk.
  • In to Maroochydore for a coffee.
  • Casey caught up with Gemma.
  • I went for a beach walk.
  • Casey did some pole and dance classes in the evening.
  • While I went for a walk along the canals.

12/1/23 - Day 338: Sunshine Coast

  • Casey had a massive day.
  • Workshops in Ipswich.
  • Then private classes in Brisbane.
  • So she just stayed at Ronny’s overnight.
  • I….I just watched ‘Yellowstone‘ and looked after the puppies.
  • And I got a haircut. Which was…not good.

13/1/23 - Day 339: Sunshine Coast

  • I walked the puppies in the morning.
  • Casey was back on the coast by midday.
  • We went for a walk.
  • Chilled with our sausages.

14/1/23 - Day 340: Sunshine Coast

  • Went down to Moffatt for some breakky.
  • Ended up having breakfast with my lot.
  • Got vommed on by Bill.
  • Then I took myself for another haircut to get back to standard short back and sides.
  • Great success.
  • Swims in the sun.
  • I went and did some spotting for Casey while she was doing flips in the Maroochydore studio.
  • And dropped her off for girl dinner.
  • I picked her up later and we grabbed some frozen yoghurt.

15/1/23 - Day 341: Sunshine Coast

  • We had some coffees.
  • We grabbed some groceries.
  • We chilled with some sausage dogs.

16/1/23 - Day 342: Sunshine Coast

  • Dogs.
  • Pool.
  • Coffee.
  • Casey did some pole.

17/1/23 - Day 343: Sunshine Coast

  • We returned to trying acro yoga today.
  • I nearly put Casey into a ceiling fan.
  • And we nearly destroyed a door.
  • All for some fairly piss poor acrobatics.
  • But funny as hell.

Stay tuned...