Denouement Dashboard - Euro Trip Ep. 2

Denouement Dashboard - Euro Trip Ep. 2

Since Europe is the size of a large Australian suburb, it will be too difficult to do 'Country Summaries' every couple of days as we cross borders. Since we are doing Europe as a road trip, I'm just going to to 'week-by-week' Dashboards, that will probably encompass a couple of countries at a time. Then an overall summary at the end.

As usual, follow along at:

Anyway, let's get into it:

Ep. 2: 8-14/7/23

Where We Went:

  • Netherlands: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Mechelen
  • Luxembourg: Luxembourg
  • France: Thionville
  • Germany: Gersthofen, Munich


So I exploded a tyre this week. I touched the front passenger tyre to a gutter coming out of a roundabout.

Driving distance in 'Monsieur Gustave H.', our lovely Renault Scenic:

  • Week 2 mileage = 1,422.2 km
  • Distance from flat tyre to Renault Maastricht on a tow truck = about 10 km
  • Uber back to hotel = 19 km
  • Then taxi back to Renault the next morning = 19 km


  • 54.2 km

Total = 1,524.4 km


Total Expenses for the 7 Days: $3,671.65 AUD

Expense per day = $524.52 AUD/Day

Specific Transport Expenses Total: $1,411.56 AUD

Running Total for all expenses on the Expedition Denouement: $82,957.66 AUD + $5,911.56 of future expenses already accounted for

Travel Bingo:

I don't think I should make multiple bingo cards per week, so the running totals in Europe:

  • France: 1 'Influencer'
  • Belgium: 3 'Influencers' and a wonderful 'Khaki Queen'
  • Netherlands: 1 'Influencer', 2 'Americans' and 1 'They're Not Gonna Make It' in Amsterdam!
  • Luxembourg: 6 'Influencers
  • Germany: 3 'Influencers', 2 'Americans'

An explanation of Travel Bingo is here.

Relevant Media:

Unfortunately, as soon as you enter Germany, every good movie has something to do with the war, so:

  • Munich - The Edge of War
  • Blood and Gold

Culinary Corner by a Non-Foodie:

  • Not much to report this week.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Only park in designated parking spaces in Luxembourg; you will get a parking ticket.
  • If you would like to meet a nice tow truck driver and have a nice ride on the back of the truck while sitting in your broken down car, just have a breakdown in Netherlands.


  • Alkmaar is a wonderful quiet and very beautiful alternative to Amsterdam if you want to avoid some of the crowds and seediness of Amsterdam.
  • However, while in Amsterdam definitely go to the Red Light District and have a look around.
  • Mechelen is a very quiet little regional town of Netherlands - not much there but a very nice place to wait for an exploded tyre to be replaced...
  • Luxembourg only needs a day or so. But it probably rivals Paris for prettiness. However, for a country that always tops the 'Income Per Capita'-type lists, there was a surprising number of degenerates hanging around the streets. Still safe.
  • The museums in Luxembourg are fantastic - they seem very proud of their little Duchy.
  • Thionville is boring. Don't bother. Unless you want cheap accomodation to explore Luxembourg...
  • Munich is fantastic. A really fun city. Get yourself to the park, get some meat in the biergarten and spend some time in the sun along the river.


  • Week 2 of the road continued my run of 'zero killed cyclists'. Very chuffed.
  • Southern German countryside is starting to look appealing for my future life as a hermit recluse.
  • The Dutch are some of the nicest people you will ever find. Ever.
  • Definitely consider stopping in little towns along the way between the 'Amsterdams' and 'Munichs' on the map. The smaller places are cool.

Thanks for reading along.

The next weekly road trip update will come... next week.