Denouement Diaries - Week 44

Denouement Diaries - Week 44
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

7/12/23 - Day 302: Sydney

  • Bummed around Sydney.
  • Had a swim at Barangaroo.
  • Coffees with Casey.
  • Nandos for lunch.
  • Chilling with some doggos.
  • Casey trained in the evening.

8/12/23 - Day 303: Sydney

  • Had a coffee in the morning.
  • Followed Casey over to Darling Harbour where she was training and I went for a wander.
  • Sydney people everywhere…
  • Then out towards the airport where Casey had a Workshop.
  • Got some Açai bowls first.
  • Then back to Crows nest for a barbecue dinner.

9/12/23 - Day 304: Sydney

  • The crazy women went exercising in the morning.
  • The hot day in Sydney.
  • Over to Surrey Hills to chase more pole dancing.
  • 41 degrees.
  • Sheltered in a Sushi Train in between Casey’s workshops. Was fun.
  • Then to a crazy ‘Rule 34 Club’ show in the evening. Was…..interesting…

10/12/23 - Day 305: Sydney

  • Exotic Generation show night.
  • So most of the day was preparing for that.
  • Casey had rehearsals in the morning.
  • While I went coffee-ing and reading.
  • Then we all went over to The Factory Theatre in the afternoon.
  • Casey checked in. We ate outside.
  • Then the show got going.
  • Was good.
  • Casey did good for someone with no rehearsal time.

11/12/23 - Day 306: Sydney - Brisbane

  • Had some breakfast before we got going.
  • Then the drive north.
  • Actually a very easy drive.
  • We were doing 3-4 hour drives in Europe that were way more difficult/taxing than the 9 hour drive to Brisbane.
  • I think just having one single north-south highway takes away a lot of thinking energy. Compared to endlessly changing between highways in Europe it is such an easy drive.
  • Casey got a mention from ‘G Flip’ (Australian, musician, first time I’d ever heard of her) who reposted part of Casey’s comp routine.
  • And I frothed the sight of Brisbane.
  • We checked in to the Royal Albert Hotel. Probably the biggest hotel room we’ve stayed in for about six months…
  • And grabbed some sushi.

12/12/23 - Day 307: Brisbane

  • Copped a massive parking bill for parking overnight - “$13 overnight parking” is lies…
  • Then down to Underwood - more pole dancing.
  • Back in to the city for lunch with Casey’s family - another massive parking bill.
  • I think one single company now owns all the CBD parking and are doing the monopoly thing. Probably trying to claw back some revenue from the ‘work from home’ trend…
  • Turned out to the ‘be my bridesmaids’ lunch for Casey and her sisters.
  • Very hot day.
  • Then to kill some time before ‘A Very Naughty Christmas’ we went and saw a movie at Newmarket - ‘Silent Night’. ‘John Wick’ style violence. Bit artsy. Good hamburger style movie to kill some time.
  • Then over to Kelvin Grove for ‘A Very Naughty Christmas’. Was good. Probably better in previous years when they had the bigger stage and sets at The Powerhouse in Newfarm. Still good.
  • Then drove back up the coast

13/12/23 - Day 308: Sunshine Coast

  • Slow day.
  • Did practically nothing.
  • Coffees.
  • Sun.

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