Denouement Diaries - Week 16

Denouement Diaries - Week 16

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

25/5/23 - Day 106: San Jose

  • Slept in
  • Very vegetative day
  • Cooked up some breakfast then wandered to the cool cafe we found yesterday
  • Had a pile of coffees and the nice guy running the place gave us a free feed of some local Costa Rican snacks
  • Wandered back over to the apartment to do some more booking - got some more flights sorted
  • Finished 'Skyfall' - have started looking for Scottish Manor Homes to purchase
  • In the afternoon, Casey did some dancing in the cool room on the roof
  • Then sent her along to her last Costa Rican pole class
  • Picked her up and came back to our suburb where we went for dinner at a Harry Potter themed restaurant - was fun

26/5/23 - Day 107: San Jose

  • Very chilled out day
  • Wandered up the road and had some french toast for breakfast
  • Got an Uber down into town because we were determined to have a coffee in the cafe of the Teatro Nacional
  • Acquired some strapping tape to try and fix Casey's broken pole heels
  • Finished off some booking through North America and a flight to Europe - means the next month or so is looking nice and organised
  • Had some burgers...then churros...delivered

27/5/23 - Day 108: Costa Rica --> El Salvador

  • Travel day
  • Woke up easy then did a bit of packing
  • Wandered down into the neighbourhood to find somewhere for breakfast
  • Found a cafe that served breakfast
  • Casey ordered some weird cheese pancake then was surprised when it was squishy and tasteless…
  • Back to the apartment
  • Finished packing then downstairs to hand over our keycard and order an Uber
  • Again - South American traffic
  • Took nearly an hour to go the 17ish km to the airport
  • Did the usual dance of hassle when you ask the airline to check you in - “do you have your boarding pass?” - “no that’s your job give me my boarding pass etc”
  • Through immigration
  • Found a cafe to sit and wait
  • Then to the gate
  • Short east flight
  • And easily through Salvadoran immigration
  • Heaps of people offering cabs out the front door
  • The price was what our Airbnb host had said
  • Into a cab
  • Then about 40 mins to the beach
  • Got to El Tunco
  • Wasn’t really sure of the landmarks for where to find our place
  • But I recognised the paint colour when we just stumbled across it
  • Went for a walk down to the beach - not the best swim beach, very rocky and about 6-10ft swell - heaps out surfing though, probably a bit beyond us…
  • Lifeguards here just screech whistles at people - no idea what they mean…
  • Went to a beachfront bar thing playing good music for easy dinner - choripan
  • Frozen yoghurt for dessert
  • Watched ‘Lilo and Stitch’ - beach theme

28/5/23 - Day 109: El Tunco

  • Sleep in
  • I went and had a coffee and a snack before Casey woke up
  • She joined me and had some breakfast and more coffees
  • Such hot weather
  • We got a smoothie each after breakfast but I was dying in the heat so went and bought a singlet
  • Sunscreened up
  • Casey had a dip at the beach then we went to a beach pool/bar thing that we had rights to because of the Airbnb we were staying at
  • Had a swim
  • Sat on the top balcony overlooking the surf and had some sweet fizzy drinks and read
  • In the afternoon went and sat at another beach bar thing where there was a bit of a craft stall set up
  • Had some lunch and people watched
  • Sat on the beach for a little bit with some frappes
  • Back to the room to cool down in the air conditioning
  • Casey went off to a yoga class
  • Then we went for dinner to get some Bao
  • Frozen yoghurt for dessert of course
  • And I watched ‘Blood and Gold’ while casey watched a UK Pole Theatre competition

29-31/5/23 - Day 110-112: El Tunco

  • Realistically, we bummed around at the beach for a few days
  • We met a couple of groups of American guys - one group from San Francisco and another couple of fellas from Georgia - all a good bunch
  • We swam and bodysurfed
  • Casey did some Yoga
  • We watched some movies in the night - more James Bond (Spectre because we are going to Mexico next)
  • We ate good food
  • And watched some of the ISA Olympic Qualifiers
  • Would recommend

Stay tuned...