Finished on 7/2/19 in Brisbane, Australia.

“I see that it is not useless travel, if we wish to see anything new.”

- Passepartout

“Monsieur is going to leave home?” he asked.

“Yes,” replied Phileas Fogg. “We are going to make a tour of the world.”

Passepartout, with his eyes wide open, his eyebrows raised, his arms extended, and his body collapsed, presented all the symptoms of an astonishment amounting to stupor.

“The tour of the world!” he murmured.

“In eighty days,” replied Mr Fogg. “So we have not a moment to lose.”

“But the trunks?” said Passepartout, who was unconsciously swinging his head from right to left.

“No trunks necessary. Only a carpet-bag. In it two wooden shirts and three pairs of stockings. The same for you. We will purchase on the way. You may bring down my mackintosh and travelling cloak, also stout shoes, although we shall walk but little or not at all. Go.”

Notes and Quotes - Around the World in 80 Days (Jules Verne)