Denouement Diaries - Week 23

Denouement Diaries - Week 23
StableDiffusion Prompt: "Denouement Diaries. Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision. Ethereal. Dreamscape."

Essentially the ramblings of two adults that probably require adult supervision.

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Anyway, let's get into it:

13/7/23 - Day 155: Luxembourg --> Gersthofen

  • Longer travel day today.
  • Up and had breakfast at the hotel.
  • Then got going for a big drive over to Germany.
  • Starbucks.
  • Stupid french highway toll booth.
  • Another toll booth.
  • Listening to 'The Drift' audiobook by CJ Tutor - is not bad, bit slow.
  • Had some Maccas lunch in a little German town near the highway after I fuelled up.
  • Roadworks began as soon as we entered Germany...
  • Then rolled into Gersthofen in the evening and found our hotel. The reception staff of which had gone home hours 1430....
  • But there was a key lockbox so all was fine.
  • And a shopping strip across the road where we stocked up on some toiletries.
  • Then headed off to Casey's next pole class that she somehow always has booked.
  • Back to the hotel. And sort of just had some crappy hotel pastries and coffee while watching 'The Outlaws' on Netflix.

14/7/23 - Day 156: Munich

  • Munich day!
  • Went over the road and had some pastries and coffees for breakfast.
  • Then rolled in to Munich like the 7th Army...
  • Found a carpark and started wandering.
  • Past the Hofbrauhaus, to the cathedral, into the gardens near the Residenz.
  • Up to the Siegestor arch.
  • Then in to the park.
  • Lunch in the biergarten.
  • Then wandered the river, saw the surfers, watched the ducks etc.
  • Coffees and ice creams.
  • Back into the old town and to the marienplatz.
  • Stopped for more coffees.
  • Then eventually back to the car.
  • Rolled back up to Gersthofen and grabbed some maccas on the way for dinner.
  • Finished watching 'The Outlaws'.

15/7/23 - Day 157: Augsburg

  • A day in Augsburg.
  • Breakfast across the road, of course.
  • Then the short drive in to what turned out to be the 3rd oldest town in Germany and named after the Roman Emperor Augustus...
  • Ancient.
  • Had a little wander around before detouring to another Pole session for Casey.
  • Then continued the wandering around town.
  • Pizzas for lunch.
  • Saw the massive cathedral.
  • Basilica.
  • Saw the old Fuggerei - the socialised hosuing for needy people that has been running for 500 years. Pretty impressive.
  • Very hot day.
  • So ended up vegging with some iced teas and water.
  • Then rolling up back to Gersthofen in the afternoon.
  • Chilled for a while then in the evening we wandered across the road to a Thai place and got some takeaway.
  • Was good.
  • Watched 'Deadpool 2'.

16/7/23 - Day 158: To Switzerland

  • Driving day.
  • Slowly woke up and packed up.
  • Checked out and put bags in the car.
  • And went and had some pastries and coffee over the road.
  • And started driving.
  • The usual couple of servo stops along the way.
  • As we sort of slid in to Austria.
  • And eventually across the border in to Switzerland .
  • Only a couple of hours drive.
  • And we headed straight to the pool - freibad sonnenberg - where we caught up with Julian!!
  • We chilled in the sun, went down some waterslides, jumped off the high dive etc
  • Then followed Julian home, where we met Desi!!
  • And where we would stay for a few days.
  • Julian cooked up some fajitas.
  • And then we went for an after dinner walk around a nice pond.
  • And listened to German reggae - 'Seeed'.

17/7/23 - Day 159: Hiking the Seeaplsee

  • Woke up.
  • Julian made an Ecuadorian breakfast - lots of plantaine.
  • Casey and I started to drink all of the coffee in Switzerland.
  • Then we all got going for a bit of a hike.
  • I was determined to wear Crocs.
  • Drove 45 mins or so to Seealpsee.
  • About an hour to the beautiful mountain lake.
  • Very steep and warm - very sweaty, but doable in Crocs...
  • We walked around the lake.
  • Set up camp and had a swim - fairly cold but fantastic.
  • Ate some snacks. I geniusly tried to keep some drinks cold by throwing them in the lake.
  • Then we wandered around to where we could make a fire. And cook some sausages.
  • A cow came and interrupted the fire-lighting - pushed me out of the way and started licking the grill.
  • Wiped off the grill. Got the fire going. Cooked some sausages.
  • Ate them with bread overlooking the lake.
  • Was amazing.
  • Another family threw their sausages on the grill to use the last of our fire - very nice.
  • Afterwards we walked down the return route which was a bit wet and gave the Crocs a proper challenge...
  • But we made it down.
  • Into the car. Via the shops on the way home - where Casey and I replaced some coffee pods...
  • We all vegged at home for a while after a lot of sun and walking.
  • Julian made an Ecuadorian soup for dinner - was very good.

18/7/23 - Day 160: Konstanz

  • After messing around with a washing machine for half the morning...
  • Casey and I ventured to Konstanz, a little German section chunk that sort of pokes into Switzerland.
  • Found a park in the little German bubble.
  • Famished for some reason, we both started to go mad because we thought we would die if we didn't eat. Got some Subway.
  • Wandered around Konstanz.
  • Across the lovely river draining the lake.
  • Hid from the rain in a coffee and ice cream shop - oh no, what a shame...
  • Wandered back, looked at the lady of the lake - big statue of a busty lady holding to toady little men that spins around on the end of the dock.
  • Through the old town.
  • And then drove out and back in to Switzerland.
  • Then along the Bodensee to the eastern end and in to Rebstein to find Casey's pole studio
  • I helped for a while - professional spotter...
  • Then chilled during the actual class.
  • Home late via a maccas stop.
  • Quietly showered because it was after 10pm and that is apparently not allowed in Swiss apartment buildings...

19/7/23 - Day 161: Lucern

  • Lucern day.
  • Coffees in the morning with some muesli.
  • Then got going.
  • Bit longer drive to Lucerne, but things are really not that bad compared to Australian driving distances.
  • Parked and started wandering along the shore of the lake.
  • Across the lovely old timber bridges.
  • And had a coffee on the bank of the river.
  • Kept wandering following the river.
  • Up to the forts.
  • Via some cows, with pretty fringes.
  • Climbed up the old tower. Which had a nice view out over Lucern, across the lake and the river.
  • Back down for lunch - pasta and lasagne.
  • To Coop shops to stock up chocolates for Desi and Julian.
  • And some cards to plan a scavenger hunt to thank them for having us stay.
  • Drove back to Sankt Gallen. Chilled with Julian When Desi came home we presented them a pile of swiss choccies.
  • And made them hunt for fun vouchers - for thing like showers after 10pm etc - silly stuff.
  • Casey and Julian did some handstand practice in the evening.
  • Then we all went and picked a pizza to eat in the countryside.
  • Made friends with a wild field cat who we named Mitchell
  • And had a post-pizza walk around the farms and fields.
  • Very nice.

Stay tuned...